Owner Operators

Magaña Transport is always seeking safe, dependable, high quality, owner operators to keep its fleet rolling. We think of our owner operators as a vital part of our operations. We are committed to providing the highest standard of customer care while operating in a safe professional manner. Magaña Transport recognizes the importance of working hand-in-hand to accommodate the needs of both our owner operators and our customers.

If you meet the minimum driver standards and are interested in joining our team, please contact us at (713) 554-0563.

Basic Driver Requirements

  • Must possess valid CDL Class A license
  • Must be (24) years of age
  • Must have a minimum of (2) years verifiable tractor trailer experience
  • Must possess a valid DOT physical card
  • Must have a valid TWIC card
  • Must possess valid, current identification credentials (other than CDL)
  • Must never have been convicted of DWI in a commercial vehicle
  • Must not have been convicted of a DWI in a personal vehicle in the past (7) years
  • No license suspensions or revocations for driving conduct in the past (7) years
  • No convictions for drug related conduct
  • No major accidents within the past (3) years
  • No truck, trailer or load abandonment
  • No rear end accidents in the past (5) years. No more than (1) DOT recordable accident in the past (5) years

No Major Violations Ever

  • Vehicular manslaughter or homicide, assault involving a motor vehicle, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident or attempting to evade a police officer – Commercial or non-commercial vehicle.
  • No reckless, negligent or careless driving tickets in the past five years – Commercial or non-commercial vehicle.
  • No conviction for use of a hand held device in a commercial vehicle in the past three years.
  • No seat belt violations in the last three years – in a commercial vehicle.
  • No – DWI / DUI – in a commercial vehicle ever, none in a non-commercial vehicle in the past five years

Criminal Background

    • No convictions for vehicle theft
    • No convictions for cargo theft or receiving stolen cargo
    • No convictions for using a commercial vehicle during a criminal act
    • No convictions for work place violence / threats, etc.

– Having other convictions or having been incarcerated is not an automatic bar to employment. Each applicant will be looked at on an individual basis and judged on the circumstances of their situation.

Accidents and MVR History

  • No at fault fatality accidents – ever
  • No non-preventable fatality accidents in the last five years – accident report must be furnished for review
  • No more than one at fault DOT reportable accident in three years
  • No more than two accidents in the last three years – commercial or non – commercial vehicle
  • No speeding tickets for 15 plus mph over limit in the last three years – commercial or non-commercial vehicle
  • No suspensions for moving violations in the last three years – commercial or non-commercial vehicle
  • No multiple suspensions for any reason
  • No driving while under license revocation – commercial or non-commercial vehicle
  • No multiple tickets for speeding, following too close or improper lane change – commercial or non-commercial

Driver History

  • Unstable work history – excessive, constant job changes, history of only working for a month to six weeks with multiple employers may not be eligible. No more than 5 jobs in the last three years.


  • Weekly settlement via Comdata card for over the road fuel purchases and cash advances ($5 per transaction)
  • Physical damage, bobtail, and occupational insurances available though our company at a reasonable rate
  • Cargo insurance provided by carrier
  • Fuel surcharges adjusted weekly
  • Local drayage, short haul and long haul


Magaña Transport, LLC is an agent for Carolina National Transportation, LLC.

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